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Pete Morton

Pete Morton is a folk singer-songwriter with a strong emphasis on social commentary. According to folk music magazine fRoots, Morton ‘is amongst the best that the British roots music scene has produced in living memory.' He is the writer of “Another Train", known throughout the folk scene.

He has toured and recorded extensively over three decades and his album ‘Napoleon Jukebox’ was a timely look back over Pete’s highly impressive back catalogue of great songs. Pete demonstrated his versatility with the self-released ‘Casa Abierta’, an album of songs in different languages. More recently, he has been an enthusiast of the talkin' blues style or folk rap.

Following three years of mini tours of America and Europe, as well as maintaining a strong presence on the UK folk scene, Pete returned to the recording studio to produce his latest release ‘Economy’. Writing in Properganda, Colin Irwin has said that Pete may just have made ‘the best album of his life’.


“Economy is full of insightful gems…instantly elevating him right back to the top table of social commentators…striking a note with which we can all identify.”
“Morton is a measured finger-pointer too, as adept with a crafted melody as an accusatory guitar riff.”
“Song craftsman, impassioned performer and general good egg, Pete Morton may just have made the best album of his life.”
Colin Irwin – Properganda (Issue 19 Apr/May 2011)

“Is there no end to Pete’s energy?”
“Pete aims with this latest set to capture the energy of his live performances [and] you’re certainly caught up in all of that, big time…The other side to Pete’s energy coin…is his intensely-felt humanity…”
“Top-drawer songwriting shot through with integrity.”
David Kidman – Froots (March 2011 no. 333)

“There is not a weak song on here, hope he doesn't wait another three years…”
“…Pete has gone for a bigger sound with a producer and several other musicians, and it works just great.”
“Morton uses his tongue in cheek wit to make some strong points”
“The full band approach works so well with his material, he has the acumen to be restrained with it when necessary, The Nightmare Of The Sons is just him with guitar, a serene elegy for the fallen soldiers of WW1. The Great War is a recurring theme for songwriters, even PJ Harvey visits it in her latest album.”
Iain Hazlewood – Spiral Earth (www.spiralearth.co.uk)

The Sock on the Line, like a very English ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.”
“Morton confirms his status as one of the most acute observers on the folk circuit.”
“With a direct vocal delivery and uncluttered arrangements, this album is as straightforward and relevant as its newspaper-style cover suggests.”
Oz Hardwick R2 (Jan/Feb 2011)